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Brand is what people think of you and tell others.


Business is a systematic process for generating revenue.


A Logo is a visible identity and represents a brand.

Build a New Brand

A brand is what people think of you and tell others. Creating a new brand or refine an existing one shall be a well thought endeavour. Using a methodical combination of Strategy and Action we handle the complete branding process.

  • Research
  • Naming
  • Documentation
  • Marketing Plan
  • Design & Collateral
  • Implementation
Build a New Brand

Brand Leadership

Attributes of a Leading Brand
High Awareness
Consumer is aware of this brand irrespective of advertising or other aids. High awareness reaches different generations and consumer groups.
Strong Financials
It generates consistent revenue and makes profit. With strong financials it can fund its current or new projects internally or obtain easy external funding.
Controls Pricing
Its high or low pricing compared to the competition is positively acceptable to the consumer. Starbucks command a premium price for a cup of coffee.
Admired & Cherished
It is admired as a symbol of prestige. It matches perceptions of trust, preference and stands for something important, on the move and ahead of the game.
Gets FREE Publicity
Consumer likes to discuss it and talk about its ownership as a matter of pride. It is recommended it to friends and family.
Leads Market Share
It leads the market share in its category. This can be in volume or value.
Attracts all Alike
Everyone wants to work with the brand. It is considered elite to be associated with, either for employment or do business with.
Enjoys Loyalty
Consumers don’t easily switch this brand. They rather postpone its usage than to use a substitute that may be equally good or better and cost less.
Recognized as Unique
It is easy to spot it not just for its quality, price or type but for its ability to be unique and stand out as a label. Bugatti automobile and Rolex watch are a couple of examples.
Synonym to Product
It is synonymous with a product or service. It becomes a buzzword and people like to use it as fashion. Google it, or get me a Kleenex are examples.
Easily Expandable
It has the power to expand into new market segments with ease. It is easier for Coca Cola to launch a chain of restaurants and succeed as opposed to a completely new brand with no business history.

Refine a Brand

We understand the sentiments attached to a brand. But don’t forget, a brand is about a business. If the brand is not driving a business, it’s time for a review. A business activity warrants a timely review. If devoid of success, needs a re-think or termination.

If it is not working, you should let go of a losing product, service or brand altogether. It is okay to re-brand or refine your brand. If it still has potential, change how people think about it, change how it is presented to the target market.

Giving a brand a second chance has the benefit of being backed by experience and wisdom that comes by learning from mistakes.

Why Refine a Brand?

Poor Brand Recognition
You may presume that people know who you are and what you do. But they may not be getting the right message, if at all. You are what people think, not what you think of yourself.
You are Undiscovered
Consumers in your marketplace must know of your existence. Without your prominent presence they cannot know about you or spot you when considering buying something you sell.
No New Customers
You need new customers in the existing and newer regions. Retaining existing customers is great but getting new ones is critical. Both are instrumental for your growth.
Losing Existing Customers
Customers should return for repeat buying. If they are not, chances are they don’t remember you. Flood of choices from your competition may make their memory of you foggy or vanish.
Different Wavelength
Your customers are confused. They should buy what you appear to be selling. Effective communication is required for not missing out for a wrong reason.
Brands that sport stale imagery, not follow trends, have stagnant pitch, and not keep up with the fads are poised to lose the interest of the consumer. Branding must be up to date.
Reputation Damage
Bad reputation builds faster. A brand famous or known for wrong reasons and bad reviews quickly goes off the charts.

When to Refine a Brand?

Rebuilding a brand demands time and money. Is it worth the risk? What if the results aren’t as expected? Why not wait till things get better?
A weak brand may never produce that sort of revenue in the first place. Especially due to the very reason of its re-think.
The Confusion
An enterprise is driven by capital and punctuated by risk. Since the results of an investment are never guaranteed, the question is – when to rebuild?

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